Wonderful multi-position control, what a supreme closing performance!

  • This EA will controll independently any number of positions for a single currency pair.
  • This EA has a close performance to go on top of ESC
  • You can earn the equivalent of up to now in the low-risk.
  • You can set up to three time zone → You will be able to respond flexibly to changes in market

※However, a minimum understanding of an exchange rate is required.
※EA will not be liable for any losses incurred.

Feature.1 Bese

It is part of the basic operation, we combine the best of both EA flagship ESC Mac10, we implemented a new parameter close further. Close this parameter reached 10 and put a close to running only in the event of an emergency with the insurance implications. Also very close with the excellent ESC, has a very good open parameters also Mac10, which evolved further these two excellent EA has become this X47B. It is also considered the combination of the pair and give you ample time to run in parallel with the ESC Mac10.

Feature.2 Two-Step TP

This feature has never been before.
we want to change the TP after actuation breakeven.
You can aim for a large TP, it could not be a soft Scalping by this one.
We were able to tack on a 30-40% profit from this feature alone.

Feature.3 Multistage Position

If certain conditions are met, It is a feature that has multiple positions relative to the first position on which they are based.You can now do the first position to confirm the benefit in the next position in the negative by this state.This multi-stage position is not something that simply because it is covered by the averaging controlled independently.Robust strategy was completed by bringing together the running two extensions to the basic features of this one.

Back-testing results

Initial amount of $ 1,000 version = Ver307 type A

USDJPY BuyAB SellAB PF2.85 DD21.4

USDJPY BuyA PF2.87 DD21.4

BuyASellA aggressive (BuySell multi control) PF3.83 DD6.91
※You should change AggressiveMode_A = true

BuyASellA(default setting) PF4.05 DD6.91

USDJPY SellA PF2.76 DD13.52

USDJPY BuyB PF3.97 DD6.61

EURUSD PF4.12 DD4.48

EURUSD BuyASellA(default setting)PF3.15 DD9.33

EURUSD BuyASellA aggressive(BuySell multi control)PF3.60 DD8.78

EURUSD SellA PF3.04 DD8.35

Purchase procedure

X-47B PRICE:$350
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